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Dukes Artisan Belts Men

DUKES ARTISAN: the basis is an original antique army belt, at least 40 years old. Each belt tells by his usage, the smell of the country of origin, the minor damage, its own unique story of adventure. From Pearl Harbor to Vietnam, from east Berlin to Afganistan, each belt filled with experience. Of artists from Vienna he gets a second life, they make every belt a unique piece of jewelry. Subdued with small silver studs or with beautiful unique hand paintings. S (31.5/37.5 inch, 80/95 cm) M (33.5/39.5 inch, 85/100 cm) L (35.5/41.5 inch, 90/105 cm) XL (37.5/43.5 inch, 95/110 cm) XXL (39.5/45.5 inch, 100/115 cm)

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